adidas Yeezy 500 High "Mist Stone"

adidas Yeezy 500 High Mist Stone

General Information

Release Date: October 11th

SKU: GV7775

Retail: $220

Estimated Resell Price: Retail


Yeezy Supply - 9 AM EST

Monitor Input: GV7775


  • You do NOT need to generate cookies.

  • It is recommended to run 50-100 tasks per Gmail harvester.

  • You only need to put the SKU in monitor input. (e.g GZ0724 do not include +,- or links).

  • Delays do not matter, you can leave them as default or random values.

  • Max 1000 tasks per instance are recommended. If you run more you the bot will likely crash.

  • Private Subnets or ISPs are recommended for proxies. Using Residential proxies can cause cookie issues.

  • Ensure your Gmails are of good quality, you can check your scores here. The closer your score is to .9 the better. Proxies can affect scores.

  • Start tasks when we announce the sale is live, this will be posted in discord.

  • If your proxy gets banned mid-drop, you can replace the proxy and hit save. Close and re-open the harvester if necessary.

  • Use real addresses, cards, and phone numbers with a matching area code on your profiles to lower the chance of fraud declines.

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