Supreme F/W 2021 - Week 6 Droplist


General Information

Release Date: September 30th

Release Time: 11 AM EST/BST


Keyword Format:

  • The color goes in the keywords but you must put color: before the keyword. - Ex: +box,+logo,+tee,+color:black

  • Putting no color keywords will choose a random color. (If an item has only 1 color OR you want to run for a random color no need for color keywords i.e. +box,+logo,+tee)


  • The recommendation is to run ALL Items via Hybrid Mode.

    • No More than 20-30 Tasks, it is CPU Intensive

  • Suggested Checkout Delays of 1000+ or use the Checkout Delay of 0 for a Dashe-Defined Random Delay

  • For Monitor & Error Delay, something around 3000 seems to be working well for many members

  • Start Tasks 15-30 Seconds Prior to the Drop


  • This List isn't ALL Items, just the most hyped.

  • Check here for more products: Drop List

  • Keywords are a RECOMMENDATION We are not crystal balls, if you don't like the KWs, feel free to make your own.

  • Keywords will be updated before US Drop - If Needed


Supreme®/SIGG 0.75L Food Jar



Supreme®/HEXBUG® nano® flash™ (5 Pack)



Military Boonie





Faces Sweater



Arabic Logo 5-Panel







Supreme®/True Religion® Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt





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