Profile(s) are created by users to successfully make purchases, but Dashe users can import and/or export their profiles.

*All user information is stored locally on their machine and is not shared with us.

Navigate to the Profile(s) page located on the sidebar.


Import and/or Export

Save and load profile(s) with Dashe's import and export features.

How to Import/export profile(s)?

Selecting either Import or Export allows users to store and load their profile(s) at their desired location on their machine. This is useful to transfer profile(s) through different machines using Dashe.

To save your profiles, click "Export" and select an appropriate location to save.

To load your profiles, click "Import" and select the appropriate file to open.

All files are saved in a .json extension. Our JSON format makes it easy for users to alter information using text-editors but we do not encourage users inexperienced with JSON file format to tamper with the document as it may corrupt Dashe.

If your Dashe is corrupted because of improper profile import, click here.


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