The settings page allows users to edit multiple features in Dashe. This includes, monitoring delay, notifications, quick task and advanced features.

Navigate to the Settings page located on the sidebar.



1. Monitoring & Error Delay [Value]
Delays represent the interval rate that Dashe will be using when monitoring for products. *For reference, 1 second (s) = 1000 milliseconds (ms)

  • Monitor Delay (ms): Interval refresh rate when monitoring for a product.

  • Error Delay (ms): Interval refresh rate of all errors
    (i.e. Waiting for restocks, Connection interpretations, Proxy errors.. etc.)

There are several factors to take into count when adjusting the monitor delay:

  • Proxies: The amount of proxies being used may affect monitoring and cause users to get temporarily banned from Shopify servers.

  • Time Elapsed: Starting task(s) at an appropriate time before releases.

  • Restocks: Monitoring for products that have previously released. This generally entails that the time elapsed will be higher than normal meaning more proxies will be mandatory.

Please note, users must click "Save" for delays to take into affect.

2. Notifications [Webhook URL]
Dashe supports notifications via webhook to both Discord and Slack. Users may input either a Discord or Slack webhook URL and verify it's functionality by clicking the "Test" button.

Which will appear on respectively on Discord or Slack in the following format:



Please note, users must click "Save" for notifications to take into affect.

3. Quick Task [Size] [Profile] [Quantity of Tasks]
Dashe has Quick Task ability whereas users can have preset information via the settings page.

  • Size: User's preferred checkout size.

  • Profile: The profile the user wishes to checkout through quick task.

  • Quantity of tasks:  The quantity of tasks users would like to create.

More information on using Quick Task can be found here.

4. Console (Task Management) [Toggle]
Enabling this feature allows users to view console logs on the task management page. 

This primary purpose of view logs for individual tasks in order to troubleshoot errors and/or a more detailed understanding of Dashe while monitoring.

We do not encourage inexperienced users with log formatting to enable this feature. 


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