Proxies can be tested in Dashe to determine the performance speed (ms) of proxies by pinging Shopify servers. *For reference, 1 second (s) = 1000 milliseconds (ms)

Navigate to the Proxies page located on the sidebar.

Dashe's built-in proxy tester is on the same page that users use to input proxies. We utilize the same page to ensure the ease of managing proxies.


Proxy Tester

The table allows users to view the speed and actions of each individual proxy.

1. Testing Proxies

To test proxies, users must click the "Test all" button whereas a table will be generated
based on the input list showing the results.

Speed (ms): Indicates the performance of each proxy where as the lower the speed the faster the connection of the proxy has to Shopify server.

Typically a good speed reading will be highlighted in green.

2. Actions
Proxies can individually be tested or removed from the list.

Green Circle: Allows users to re-test the individual proxy to view its performance.
Red Trashcan: Allows users to permanently delete the proxy from the list and results.

3. Clear All
sers may click "Clear all" to remove all entries in the proxy tester table.


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