Users have the ability to download Dashe on Mac OS or Windows via our website.

Navigate to the user Dashboard on


1. Under to the "Application" section and select "Download on Mac  OSX"

2. Double-click the "Dashe-3.X.X.dmg" image-mount at the saved location.

3. Some users may be prompted an "unidentified developer" message box, simply click "OK" to proceed to the next step.

4. Use Search or press"CMD+SPACE" and search for "Security & Privacy" and select the fist option available.

5. Click the lock to make changes.

6. Enter the system password and click "Unlock".

7. Click "Open Anyway".

8. Click "Open".

9. Drag the Dashe icon into "Applications".

10. All is done! A desktop shortcut will automatically be created.


*Files are stored under a location where as USERNAME must be replaced with the machine name; "/Library/Application Support/Dashe

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