Profile(s) are created by users to successfully make purchases, and with Dashe users can manage their profiles which includes the ability to edit and delete.

*All user information is stored locally on their machine and is not shared with us.

Navigate to the Profile(s) page located on the sidebar.

As users provide a "Profile Name", profile(s) can be differentiated when using the Profile Management feature.


Profile Management

Management in regards to the ability to edit and delete.

How to Edit or Delete?

Users may use the drop down menu to select the appropriate profile they wish to either edit or delete.

Upon selecting the profile, all fields in Dashe will populate with the saved information on the profile.

Users may choose to edit fields or directly delete the selected profile.

  • Edit: Users can edit fields and click the "save" button once done to store back profile.

  • Delete: Users can permanently remove profiles by clicking "delete" button.


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