Often on Shopify website's, captcha is presented upon checking out products to mitigate bots purchasing products. In Dashe, our Captcha Harvester(s) can be utilized to submit captcha to the checkout page.

Captcha may often get difficult to solve but with Dashe, there are a couple features that help users be presented with easier captchas.

Click the "Open Window" button located on the sidebar

*We do not allow for pre-harvesting captchas as this can not be accomplished on Shopify and is inefficient.


Captcha Harvester(s)

Allows users to manage captcha's presented on checkout pages for every task before proceeding to finalize checkout. Users have the ability to create up to 10 independent harvesters.

Captcha is generally dependent on two criteria's; IP Address and Gmail as it's developed by Google.

1. Instance Specific Proxy [IP:Port:User:Pass]

A instance proxy is used independently for each corresponding Captcha Instance. The purpose of this feature is to mitigate having multiple captcha harvesters on the same machine using the same local IP.

Format: IP:Port:Username:Password

Alternatively, users may use their local machine IP address for the captcha instance by using the value "localhost".

To conclude Instance Specific Proxy, users must click "save" to take affect.

2. YouTube/Gmail

We recommend users to sign into Gmail and select YouTube videos to watch as this mimics human behavior watching online videos. 

  • YouTube [Button]

Clicking the "YouTube" button will generate a new session whereas users will be prompted to log into Gmail. Each captcha instance has an independant session allowing users to sign into multiple accounts.

To conclude YouTube, users must click "save" to store their login session.

Users may minimize the window once watching a YouTube video.  Ultimately, the goal is to receive easier captchas when prompted on our captcha window as task reach the final stage of checking our products on Shopify.

  • Clear [Button]

If users wish to logout of the Gmail instance, they may click the "clear" button.

Using the "clear" button will essentially clear all the cookies on Gmail for the specified Captcha instance.


To create a new Captcha Instance, users must click "new".


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