To run task(s) with Dashe, users must have created both profile(s) and task(s). The following table will be broken down into multiple sections. Global actions and individual a task actions.

Navigate to the "Task Management" page located on the sidebar.

Knowing that task(s) often require captcha to checkout products on Shopify.

More information pertaining to Captcha Harvester(s) can be found here.


Task(s) Breakdown

1. Global Actions
Global actions respectively allow users to take full control of all tasks created.

  • Start All: Initiates all tasks to setup tasks and begin product monitoring.

  • Stop All: Force stops all tasks from monitoring/checking out.

  • Clear All: Removes all tasks available on the table.

  • Edit All: Allows users to either mass edit all tasks via monitor input and/or password page.

2. Individual Task Actions
Task actions allows users to edit individually edit their desired task.

Each action is represented by an icon/symbol whereas each have their own purpose for that specific task.

  • Play Icon: Initiates task setup and begins product monitoring for that specific task.

  • Stop Icon: Force stops that individual task.

  • Trashcan Icon: Deletes that individual task.

  • Pencil Icon: Allows users to individually edit a task to adjust for potential mistakes.

Clicking the "Pencil Icon" will prompt the "Create Task(s)" page while populating the corresponding information to that task, whereas users will have the ability to adjust any task detail and either save or cancel their action.

Please note, users must click "Save" for the edit to take into affect or click "Cancel" to revert to the "Task Management"  page.

3. Console
Users have the ability to individually view console logs pertaining to the task which is often useful for troubleshooting or viewing monitor speeds.

For more information pertaining to enabling the console can be found here.


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