Profile(s) are created by users to successfully make purchases with Dashe.
*All user information is stored locally on their machine and is not shared with us.

Navigate to the Profile(s) page located on the sidebar.

It is important for users to provide a "Profile Name" to differentiate and maintain profiles while being organized.


Payment Information

The following information on card's are utilized to conduct the payment purchase of products with Dashe as we do not provide support for PayPal checkout.

  • Email: Email address.

  • Card Holder: Name of cardholder.

  • Card Number: Number on card, which may vary depending on the type of card.
    *Shopify supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover but this may vary from Shopify store.

  • Month/Year/CVV: Respectively the expiry date and security code of the card.

All fields are respectively required by Shopify checkout process.


Shipping Address

This information is pertaining to the shipping location of the product. Users should correctly input their shipping information to receive the product upon purchase. All fields are respectively required by Shopify checkout process.

Billing Address

This is applicable to the users payment details as some payment process' require billing details that match payment information. In this case, Shopify permits users to have different shipping and billing information.

Alternatively, users may use "Same as shipping address" if both shipping and billing details are identical in order to avoid repeatedly fill in the information.

*Users must toggle "Same as shipping address" to make use of the option


To conclude profile creation, users must click "save" to store their profile.


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